Pocket Spinner! Plus a New Adoption

My Pocket Wheel finally arrived - and I picked it up yesterday. It's so little! The opening of basket to the right of the wheel measures at 10", and the measurement from orifice metal opening to where the pocket wheel sits is 18". I'm already on my second bobbin. Fun!
Pocket Wheel

Then guess what followed me home? Big Bertha! You can't quite tell that it's BIG, but to give you an idea, the trim on the wall is at 36", and the floor-to-top-of-wheel measures 45".
Motherless child receives good home
And for entertainment's sake, see the two together!
Big Bertha and Pocket Baby

Sweater = Done! Top Down, Set In Sleeve, & Seamless

The top-down-set-in-sleeve-sweater I started last month is complete! It was a dream to knit and fits Carol to a tee. You can see how the colors work with her palette. View Carol's artwork here.

Set in sleeve, top down and seamless. Whaaaa hoooo!

The Stats:

Pattern: Top Down Set in Sleeve Method by Tuulia Salmela (no pattern yet, send Tuulia an email saying how much you want it!)
Yarn: Cascade 220
Needles: US 6
Started: 3 November 2008
Finished: 28 Dec 2008 (and that is with knitting the sleeves twice to get them to my liking.)
I love love love making a sweater this way. The set in sleeve fits nicely on the shoulders, the faux seams provide structure to the entire sweater. Best of all, you can try-on-as-you knit, to ensure it works!

Hat from the yarn leftovers:

Hat pattern: A modification of my own "Folk Art For Your Head" - but I used the "Lifestyle Top Down Hat" method.
Yarn: Same as the sweater above.
Needle: US 6

Training Wheels

I am bound and determined to get lace right. I have waged a battle with lace for over 20+ years. Friends tell me to give it up, be happy to do texture, two color. But no, I want to get it right.

So, I'm using training wheels to figure out where I am. And they are:

  1. Highlighter tape on the knit chart so I only work the row I mean to work.
  2. Row counter at the beginning of the round, so I remember what row I am on.
  3. Stitch markers, placed at each repeat so I double check that I have the correct number of stitches per repeat.

This is Anne Hanson's Spiralucious.
Yarn: Frog Tree 100% Alpaca, Type 2310;  Fingering Weight; Made in Bolivia
Needles: Lovely Fixed Harmony Wood, size 3US, from KnitPicks

I'm 50% done. Wish me luck.

Art Imitates Life Imitates Art

The Knitting Mama in tune with Fall color

The Knitting Mama, aka Katie Kent, shows off her perfect timing with her tilted blocks scarf  (from Lynne Barr's book, Knitting New Scarves) in October 2008. Mother Nature supplied the same colorway as the scarf Katie dyed, spun and knit. MN's tree was sitting in Bellingham, WA.

Apologies for the less than perfect photo -- this was a serendipitious moment on the street when tree and scarf aligned, and only a point-and-shoot camera was at hand.

In other news, progress on current projects:
Project Progress

Pick 'em up beautifully - Tuulia shows you how

Tuulia walks us through the simplest of ways to pick up stitches and make sure it's beautiful. Take a look at this video:

Thanks Tuulia!

Note: this video is available on Youtube too.

This pick up method is specific to continuing kntting in the opposite direction. In this particular instance, Tuulia is demonstrating picking up stitches at the underarm of the sweater I'm currently knitting using her top-down-set-in-sleeve-seamless sweater method. (Link to previous blog entry about this method.)

Whole Lotta Catching You Up to Do

Work in Progress: Full Sized Top Down Set-in Sleeve Sweater (Women's medium, 40")
The neck will be picked up and knit with a rolled-edge. The sweater starts at the shoulders, then is picked up all the way round, including the sleeve caps and knit in the round, increasing every other row for the sleeve cap. (Link to previous entry about this method.)


Finally, getting a Shawl posted that I have let sit in the "to be photographed" pile for too long:
Simple Yet Effective Shawl

Pattern: Simple Yet Effective Shawl by Laura Chau (click for pattern)
Needles: US 7
Wool: Mixture of Cascade 220 and Paton Classic Merino
Finish: Single crocheted edge with hand dyed Cascade 220. Despite the many many colors available in both these brands, I ended up needing something slightly different and handdyed the edge wool myself.
Notes: Fast mindless knit, blocks beautifully, and certainly there will be more to come. I discovered that if I add buttons, I can wrap the points around my arms and button it up for mock sleeves, they don't get in the way when I'm working and it becomes a shrug.
And, some photos of previously posted items, modeled by Marie:

Dew Rag Kauni Beret
Dew Rag, Back  Kauni Beret  Verdant Handspun Scarf
Transition Gloves  My So Called Scarf  Shadow Tam

Pictures, top to bottom (left to right as you go) - links to previous blog entries on these items:

Dew Rag (eggplant hat); Kauni Beret (blue green colorwork hat); Dew Rag, back view; Kauni Beret view 2; Verdant Scarf  (green hand spun); Transition Gloves - Wow, guess I never posted about these!

Pattern: Transition Gloves by Kerin Dimeler
Wool:  GGH Merino Soft, 1 skein each color

Photos continued:
My So Called Scarf (warm colors); Shadow Tam (warm color shadow stitching)


From the Allspunup fiber challenge Oct - Nov 2008 (on Ravelry, consolidated photo page here.)

Finished fiber stats: Wraps per inch: 18-20 | 8 ounces | ~ 800-900 yards | thinnest I’ve spun thus far

The sample on the notecard is navajo-plied, but the skein is 2 ply. I plan to knit a wrap with this beautiful stuff.

If you spin, run-don't-walk to Kristin's shop and get some of the goodness from her hands. You can afford it, yes you can.